Changes to your membership, including holds and cancellations require 7 days’ notice. 

Please select the type of change you wish to make to your membership
Enter date (DD-MM-YY) or 'on next scheduled payment'.
If putting on hold please note the restart date below. Holds will be 2 weeks by default, and can be a maximum of 2 months. Please refer to our Membership terms for more information. All membership services will be inaccessible during the hold period including online services.



* The “Gym” means The Hive Ltd. * The “Member” means the person signing this Agreement
The member agrees to pay the instalment amount at the agreed payment frequency until this Agreement is terminated in advance. The agreed payment schedule and amounts will be as authorised on the Ezidebit NZ ‘Direct Payment Request’ form. Refer 5.
Your membership helps keep our doors open however if you are unable to use your membership then you can put it on hold. Minimum and maximum hold periods apply; 2 weeks’ minimum, 8 weeks’ maximum. Holds of longer than 8 weeks will be treated as cancellations. 7 days’ notice in writing is required for hold on your membership. If you have put your membership on hold for over 8 weeks in a 12 month period, holds will be treated as cancellations. Reactivation of membership is subject to membership availability at the time. You may be required to join the waitlist. Access to all services, including online, will be suspended during membership holds.
You must provide us with any changes to your details which are relevant to your membership as soon as possible.
The member may request cancellation of this Agreement after the expiry of minimum term (if applicable) after all installments and fees up until the date of termination are paid in full. In order to cancel this Agreement, the Member must contact The Hive and give 7 days’ notice in writing of the termination or suspension request prior to their next payment due. Any payments that fall due within this notice period shall be payable in full and the member shall be entitled to full use of the services paid for at The Hive for any time paid for during this notice period. No refunds will be given for unused time of membership. The Member shall not consider that this membership has been terminated until such time as this is confirmed in writing to the Member by The Hive. Cancellation of membership is final. Any future application for membership will be assessed at future terms and rates;
To the extent permitted by law, The Hive shall not be liable or responsible to the member for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss or damage to the Member or the property of the Member whatsoever and howsoever arising.
For security purposes, The Hive uses video surveillance equipment to monitor the gym on a 24 hour basis. By signing this agreement you acknowledge that by accessing the facility you will be subject to video surveillance and recording. Video surveillance is limited to the gym floor area only.
The Hive has authorised Ezidebit NZ Ltd to administer the collection of payments due to the gym. All payments due by the member are made directly to Ezidebit NZ Ltd, as if were the gym owner, without requiring your consent of any involvement on the part of the gym. The member is obligated to ensure sufficient funds remain available to cover the installment payment specified in the agreement for at least 3 days after the nominated installment date. Fees charged by Ezidebit NZ are outlined authorisation form.
The Member acknowledges that provision of services provided by the facility may change and for the purposes of this Agreement is based on “entitlement” to use and not on actual use. The Member agrees to be bound by the rules of the Gym. The Hive may remove entitlement of use of the Facility if the Member fails to comply with the rules of the facility or fails to make payment of any fee on the due date.
Any changes to Fees will be communicated in writing to the Member with a 4 week notice period before the change in fee applies. The member may choose to cancel their payments with 7 days written notice prior to the fee change taking affect.
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement, understanding and arrangement between the Member, and The Hive relating to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes and cancels any previous agreement, understanding and arrangement relating thereto whether written or oral.
The Hive reserves the right to terminate any membership at their sole discretion without any explanation or notice;
As a member, I agree to abide by The Hive Health & Safety policies including; > You must not handle equipment when you have an open wound (as a minimum wound must be covered) >If bodily fluids accidentally end up on equipment you must utilise the cleaning products provided and notify a member of the team. > Follow our policy on equipment/personal gear on the floor. > Zero tolerance to persons coming in under influence of alcohol/drugs (will be asked to leave). >You must advise if, on prescription meds, anything, whereby you are advised to not operate a car/machinery. You will not be permitted to do any sessions at The Hive until medication finished for the safety of yourself and other members.
I agree to participate in The Hive group training / personal training with a certified CrossFit / Personal Trainer. I recognise that exercise is not without varying degrees of risk to musculoskeletal and/or cardiorespiratory systems. I hereby certify that I am not aware of any medical conditions that would affect my risk of illness and injury as a result or participation in a fitness program designed by The Hive. I understand and have been informed that there exists the possibility of adverse changes during the exercise program, but not limited to those cause by; facilities, my own personal physical condition and the actions of other participants. I understand that photos may be taken during the sessions for promotional purposes. I agree to waive, release, remise and discharge The Hive and it's agents, officers, principals and employees of any and all claims, demands or damages of any kind resulting from participation in The Hive training or individual sessions. The undersigned hereby releases The Hive as well as waives any and all claims and understands and assumes and and all risk with participation in The Hive. I, the undersigned, have read this entire agreement. I understand and agree to its terms. By entering into this agreement, i acknowledge that i am of a legal age to enter contracts.