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Including allergies and if you are taking any medication currently. Please detail below.
Please detail below including if there are any exercises that you are unable to do as a result.
I recognise that exercise is not without varying degrees of risk to musculoskeletal and/or cardio respiratory systems. I hereby certify that I am not aware of any medical conditions that would affect my risk of illness and injury as a result or participation in a fitness program undertaken at The Hive. I understand and have been informed that there exists the possibility of adverse changes during the exercise program, but not limited to those cause by; facilities, my own personal physical condition and the actions of other participants. I understand that photos may be taken during the sessions for promotional purposes. I agree to waive, release, remise and discharge The Hive and it's agents, officers, principals and employees of any and all claims, demands or damages of any kind resulting from participation in The Hive training or individual sessions. The undersigned hereby releases The Hive as well as waives any and all claims and understands and assumes and and all risk with participation in The Hive.