We take a different approach to ‘the gym’ – taking you beyond exercise to training for life! We focus on teaching you movement patterns and training strategies that will benefit you for years to come.

If you are new to The Hive, the place to START is here.

Everyone’s journey is different, and we will work with each individual to give the best service possible.


Come down to The Hive and let us show you around. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and make a plan to get you started!



We want to get to know you.

Come down and meet us at The Hive. We can show you our studio and talk to you more about how we work and our approach to training. It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions and for us to get to know you and help make sure we are the best place for you.

We offer this service for free and you are under no obligation to join. We will typically spend 15-30 minutes – this is not a workout but a consultation.

Following this, we will be able to set out a pathway to get started on your training in the most efficient way possible.


Our START program is tailored to suit exactly where you are at right now – so no matter where you are in your fitness journey we’ll look after you.



START Program

Everyone’s START program is tailored to their needs. It is typically completed in 1-2 weeks over 3-4 sessions. These sessions involve lots of teaching, practice, and exploring movements. They also offer you the chance to get to know us, and our training philosophy.

We know many of our clients have had a background in CrossFit or other Functional Fitness style gyms, and/or may have been through another ‘foundations’ program so we will make a decision together as to whether the START program is right for you, or tailor it as is appropriate.


We keep things pretty simple. We have two membership options giving you access to all our classes and there are no lengthy contracts to sign. 




We offer two simple memberships – 3 sessions per week or unlimited sessions. Both our membership options give you access to all our SWARM, Open Gym & Stretch sessions. We generally recommend clients new to training start with 3 SWARM sessions per week, adding Stretch sessions if possible.

We have payment options for fortnightly, weekly, and monthly to suit you and we don’t lock you into any long-term contracts. We do however encourage you to treat your membership as a 3-month commitment to yourself to really start to benefit from the training methods.


We are a small Club and we like it that way! We are right here for anything you need and to help keep you on track and safe in your training. 



Welcome to our team

We are a small club and as such pride ourselves on working closely with all of our clients. We have a limited number of memberships for this reason – but this also means we expect you to use your membership, so we will be contacting you if we haven’t seen you in a while.

We also offer an online service giving you access to a database of hundreds of videos ranging from movement & workout demonstrations to follow-along workouts bodyweight workouts and stretch/mobility sessions.

We are also always here to discuss how your training is going and ensure that you are progressing on the right path for success. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.